Toi Toi Manawa social enterprise grant

Toi Toi Manawa

We are incredibly grateful to be the recipients of an annual $20,000 funding grant for 2 years from Toi Toi Manawa to develop Beyond the Bin into a sustainable organisation.

Toi Toi Manawa are an organisation who specifically fund social enterprises who are working in the community. They have a special interest in community development and environmental focus and fund organisations who are working with food and youth as components of their mission.

Receiving a grant from Toi Toi Manawa requires the recipient to engage with mentors, advisors or business coaches to ensure the organisation’s development is optimal. We are extremely lucky to have received assistance from a number of mentors and advisors throughout the development of our organisation.

This grant from Toi Toi Manawa has been crucial, enabling us to get on with the job of building our training programmes, setting up our systems and developing our infrastructure.

Freedcamp project management software


FREEDCAMP have beautiful cloud-based project management tools which link with google. Freedcamp support non-profits and social enterprises by providing their professional tool for free.  Accessing this type of programme at no cost has been critical as our organisation grows rapidly.

Freedcamp allows Beyond the Bin to manage our some 15-20 projects in one easy place, linking with our google drive and calendars to make sure we never forget anything.

With unlimited storage, unlimited projects and unlimited users Freedcamp is the only tool Beyond the Bin needs to manage our organisation. In saying that they have many other apps that can plug into the tool such as time tracking.

Thanks Freedcamp for supporting our organisation.

Rabid technologies

Rabid Technologies

Rabid Technologies partnered with us to build our event waste data map. Rabid connected with our passion for waste minimisation and wanted to help us out!

Specialising in app building across multiple platforms, Rabid helped us through the process of designing and planning how the map would interact with event waste data.

Then Rabid worked to create a dynamic and responsive map which showcases event waste data from around New Zealand. Click here to view the map.

Bay of Plenty regional council WRAG fund waste minimisation

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Beyond the Bin received a funding grant from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Waste Resource Advisory Group (WRAG) in the August 2015 funding round. The grant of $12,200 was used to collect and display event waste data from around New Zealand.

The data can be viewed by using our online interactive map, which Rabid built for Beyond the Bin in the final stages of 2015.

The WRAG fund projects which align with the BOP Regional Council’s Waste Minimisation strategy. Beyond the Bin were one of 7 projects funded in the 2015 funding round.

Aotea Electric Mount Maunganui Bay of Plenty Mt Maunganui

Aotea Electric Bay of Plenty

Aotea Electric began in 1973. Aotea Electric is a company built on delivering a superior performance achieved through teamwork and nurturing a strong identity. Aotea’s commitment to their staff and clients also extends to the wider community showing support to those who share their belief in progress, development and sustainable futures.

Aotea Electric have generously supported Beyond the Bin to create t-shirts for our volunteers. Volunteer waste educators are the glue that holds event waste minimisation success together and Aotea recognises the importance of volunteers to environmental protection.

Thanks Aotea Electric for helping Beyond the Bin to help protect our environment for a more sustainable New Zealand.