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Reusable serviceware/packaging at markets (& events) in
Aotearoa New Zealand

by Kim Renshaw | December 2023 | Reuse Aotearoa, Takeaway Throwaways and Beyond the Bin

This resource is designed to be a practical and accessible information sheet offering guidance on the key considerations for market operators and/or vendors wanting to set up viable reuse systems at events and markets. The resource sets out options for funding the system’s capital and operational costs, and important questions to ask in order to design a system that has the capacity to deliver for the market it will serve.

The information sheet has been researched and authored by Kim Renshaw (Reuse Aotearoa and Beyond the Bin) and jointly funded by Takeaway Throwaways and Reuse Aotearoa.

Research for The Packaging Forum: The availability of NZ composters to process compostable packaging including coffee cups