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We are a social enterprise working with events and their waste.

Our aim is for recycling and composting waste at events to be normal.

We work on the ground at some of NZ’s largest events developing zero waste initiatives which are fit-for-purpose.

We also help events who want to improve their waste practices through training and the provision of resources.

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Gourmet Night Market Zero Waste

Gourmet Night Market

Beyond the Bin and Gourmet Night Market divert 97.5% of their waste away from landfill into composting and recycling. Setting the standard for zero waste events, they even ban single-use plastics. New Zealand’s leading zero waste event can be found in the summertime on Friday nights in sunny Mount Maunganui.

WOMAD Zero Waste


In 2015 & 2016 Beyond the Bin and WOMAD NZ diverted a staggering 40,124kg of waste from landfill into composting and recycling. Beyond the Bin manage the crew of 150 in the zero waste team at this 3 day world music festival and nearby campground with 15,000 attendees. Waste is handsorted prior to disposal.

NZ Fieldays 2016

NZ Agricultural Fieldays

Fieldays at Mystery Creek is New Zealand’s largest event and the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere. We trialled a waste minimisation initiative in 2016 with a crew of more than 50 volunteers, a small team of hand-sorters and voluntary vendor packaging guidelines to increase diversion by 8.2 tonnes.

Innovative Waste Kaikoura, with funding assistance from the Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust (SIFT), and in collaboration with Kaikoura Seafest & the Kaikoura District Council, contracted Beyond the Bin  to assist us in aiming for Zero Waste at Seafest 2016. This was to be Kaikoura’s first major zero waste event and what a streamlined process it was. From discussions on the phone, arranging contracts, having one of their staff here the whole weekend and producing great end results.

Beyond the Bin have a brilliant system for zero waste events, for sharing their knowledge and for making the end goal very achievable. They were great to work with; very knowledgeable, know the industry well, work brilliantly with the volunteers and helped us achieve a whopping overall average of 84.5% diversion for the whole event. IWK would fully recommend Beyond the Bin – they do an amazing job.

Rob Roche

Operations Manager, Innovative Waste Kaikoura

Design and deliver

We can deliver your event’s waste minimisation management by designing you a sleek, effective programme and delivering it on the day. This could be with or without volunteer waste educators and could include infrastructure provision or using what you already have in place. If you have an existing waste system and just want some advice on how to divert more waste or run things more smoothly, we can help with that too.


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Want to reduce waste at your event?

Are you an event manager who wants to learn how to minimise your event’s waste and maximise impact?

Through our training and supporting resources our aim is to provide you with practical information to help you reduce waste at your event.

We can help you to:

  • seek funding/sponsorship
  • prepare site plans and council documentation
  • figure out what kinds of infrastructure you might need and where to get it
  • report on your waste and leverage your statistics
  • save money on your waste minimisation
  • figure out what kinds of packaging can be composted and recycled locally
  • recruit and train volunteers
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Event Waste diversion map

This map shows data from events where we have delivered the waste management and events which we have supported via our training workshops.

We aggregate the event waste data into New Zealand territorial boundaries and compare the results in our interactive map.

Click on one of the coloured territories below to see that territory’s average event waste diversion rate and how many members of the public have attended those events we have data from. You can click on the View More button to check out more event waste data.