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Thanks for visiting our website! We are a social enterprise providing training/support and consulting services, specialising in end of life solutions, waste minimisation and social impact, both for corporate clients, territorial authorities and for the events community. 

We also undertake some pretty exciting research projects and work with industry organisations and councils all over New Zealand to find solutions for problems to do with waste and landfill-divertable products. 

We have worked with some of NZ and Australia’s largest events: developing zero waste initiatives, working on the ground in waste operations and managing big crews of volunteers. We are the only dedicated event waste training organisation in New Zealand. 


Video 1: Introduction

In this video find out: How does the world of waste work in little old New Zealand? Why should you as an event organiser even think about reducing event waste to landfill? Why are we at Beyond the Bin qualified to give you this free advice on event waste minimisation...
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Video 2: Infrastructure

Te Radar and Kim Renshaw from Beyond the Bin take you into the world of event waste infrastructure in part 2 of this 10 part video series. In this video, you'll learn: how to identify what kind of waste your event will produce and what kind of infrastructure you'll...
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Video 3: Budgeting

Te Radar and Kim Renshaw from Beyond the Bin discuss the wonderful world of budgeting for waste minimisation. In this video we will cover: what costs you'll need to factor into your event budget how to find out exactly what your costs will be   Download our free...
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Video 4: Vendors & Packaging

Te Radar and Kim Renshaw from Beyond the Bin help you navigate the confusing world of food packaging and vendor communications.  In this video, you'll learn: the difference between compostable, biodegradable and degradable plastics how to communicate with your food...
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Video 5: Planning & Mapping

Beyond the Bin talks site mapping and planning in part 5 of this 10 part event organiser series.  In this video, you'll learn: why where you put your bins matters how to lay out your site logically in terms of waste why more isn't always more with bins Lets talk site...
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Video 6: Volunteers

Kim Renshaw from Beyond the Bin unlocks her secrets to managing volunteers. In this video, you'll learn: how to find these superstar volunteers effective communication techniques how to keep volunteers coming back again and again All these secrets uncovered and...
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Video 7: Sponsors & Publicity

How to get your waste minimisation to pay its own way... Kim Renshaw and Te Radar talk value propositions, sponsors and media. In this video, you'll learn: how to identify and approach potential sponsors how to develop a value proposition for sponsors or the media the...
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Video 8: Site Operations

The biggest issue facing event waste recyclers and composters is contamination of the waste streams. What is contamination? How can we decontaminate the waste streams? Roles of waste workers in event waste minimisation operations All these questions answered and more!...
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Video 9: Auditing

In this video Kim Renshaw takes you through how to calculate your waste diversion safely and easily.  We'll also learn how to promote your diversion success to increase the value of your waste activity. You'll need: scales (regular bathroom will do) flat ground (not...
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Video 10: Event Waste Health & Safety

Health and Safety forms part of your event planning, but did you know that you should incorporate your waste activity into your Health & Safety Management Plan?  In this video, you'll learn: What to do with your event's waste site specific risks What to do about...
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Beyond the Bin have a brilliant system for zero waste events, for sharing their knowledge and for making the end goal very achievable. They were great to work with; very knowledgeable, know the industry well, work brilliantly with the volunteers and helped us achieve a whopping overall average of 84.5% diversion for the whole event. IWK would fully recommend Beyond the Bin – they do an amazing job.

Rob Roche

Operations Manager, Innovative Waste Kaikoura

Gourmet Night Market Zero Waste

Gourmet Night Market

Gourmet Night Market in Mt Maunganui divert more than 95% of their waste away from landfill into composting and recycling. Beyond the Bin designed their bespoke solution including signage, funding, zero-packaging initiatives and volunteers in 2013. 

WOMAD Zero Waste


From 2015-2017 Beyond the Bin and WOMAD NZ diverted a staggering 58,104kg of waste from landfill into composting and recycling. Beyond the Bin managed the crew of 150 in the zero waste team at this 3 day world music festival and nearby campground.

NZ Fieldays 2016

NZ Agricultural Fieldays

We trialled a waste minimisation initiative in 2016 at NZ’s largest event with a crew of more than 50 volunteers, a small team of hand-sorters and voluntary vendor packaging guidelines to increase diversion by 8.2 tonnes. We also ran workshops with the existing FD waste team.

KGs of waste diverted


Best diversion from landfill

Workshop Attendees


Event Waste diversion map


The event waste diversion map shows waste data from events around New Zealand.

We aggregate the event waste data into New Zealand territorial boundaries and compare the results in the interactive map.

Click on one of the coloured territories below to see that territory’s average event waste diversion rate and how many members of the public have attended those events we have data from. 

You can click on the View More button to check out more event waste data.

Want your data to be on the map? All data is kept confidential. To find out more send us an email